High end sustainability consultancy
Built on a global network of sustainability superheros

Implementing successful initiatives through events and companies since 2005

Tailored to your needs
Suited to your objectives and desired outcomes

Initiatives and sustainability plans, long and short term, are designed and created specifically for you. An initial exploration of your background, objectives, restrictions and target areas gives a strong foundation to launch initiatives that will give you the best ROI.

Policy writing and guidelines
Simple, clear and concise - the backbone of any initiative

Sustainability policies give clear guidance to all involved in an event or organisation on what is expected, how they can be part of the initiatives and how to contribute to making change within their workplace.

Engagement and Awareness Campaigns
Success depends on collaboration

Engagement is essential for all initiatives, different approaches are used depending on your audience and platforms of communication. Everything from full company wide roll out with employee co creation to on site event campaigns that engage participants in established initiatives.

Systems Design
Easy to use solutions that work

Systems should be easier to use than not use. Built to provide simple effective solutions for your targetted issues, within budget, resource and site specific parameters. Design is based on psychology and efficiency, packaged beautifully.

On Site Management
Putting theory into practice

Whether you have your own suppliers, support teams and participants and just need a manager to keep everything aligned; or if you need a full team to bring your initiatives into reality, we have the contacts to do it.

Reviewing and Reporting
Gathering feedback and capturing data

Gaining feedback from users of systems and reviewing the effectiveness of the outcomes gives a clear direction as to how to move forward. Reporting captures real tangible data that can be used for financial, stakeholder, or government communications and sets the benchmark for future years.

The aim is no longer to be just ‘sustainable’ but to be net positive. Leaving a legacy that reaches far beyond our own events or organisations.
It is what we are all here for.


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What does your event or organisation need?


Sometimes you just need a little guidance, to reflect on what went wrong and how to improve, on how to do things a little better, or to just get an idea of what can be done and the best way to get you up and running.

Full Management

We are a one stop shop, a full A to Z of project management from ascertaining your areas of need, to designing and running initiatives to reporting and reviewing.

Speaker Sessions, Training and Workshops

If you need an injection of inspiration, a programme of training on how to successfully implement sustainable initiatives, or single workshops on subjects from engagement campaigns to system design to team management we provide.

Resources Library Coming SOON!

Online Resources Library will include:
National Environmental Supplier List
“How To” Documents
Online Training Course
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Edward Hamilton shared a post to Global Green Events's timeline.

Why Not?
More GREEN! 🙂
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How valuable are these tree planting events? Do they really impact the environment and the community? Do the young students understand what is going on? ❓ In this easy to watch, 20 minute documentary, we discover the intentions and motivations of the people behind the Planting Trees, Planting Dreams Campaign. We believe that planting trees in schools is an easy way to safeguard our future and throughout each event, we all become part of the solution. 🌲🌲🌲 Please share and help us spread the awareness on local events and organisations such as these. #PlantingTreesPlantingDreams #SproutingAwareness 🌳🌳 Thank You. This is a collaboration between Why Not?, Sprout Media, Learning about Forests - LEAF and The 'Grow 10 Trees' Project and is supported by the Small Initiatives Scheme (SiS)/Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector. 🌳🌳 Special Thanks To Our Dear Friend Michael Collins for the narration and special thanks to The Schools & Students Involved: Lija - Balzan - Iklin Primary School San Gorg Preca College Middle School Blata l-Bajda Boys' Learning Support Centre #WhyNotNGO

Global Green Events shared a Les Brown - How Bamboo Trees Will Bring Out The Best Self.

The Daily Goalcast
Have a dream? Keep watering it, keep fertilising it. It'll change who you are, from the inside out. And one day it will break through the soil and shoot 90m in the air.
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Motivational genius shares an ancient far east nugget of wisdom. Speaker: Les Brown

Global Green Events is with Gonca Kara and 2 others.

Launching our new branding at the final presentation of the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme. Watch this space for our website upgrade and app 🙂 much gratitude to Climate-KIC Paragon Europe, Gonca Kara, and the team for the funding, support and care and Kuluri for the branding 🙂
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