High end sustainability consultancy
Built on a global network of sustainability superheros

Implementing successful initiatives through events and companies since 2005

Tailored to your needs
Suited to your objectives and desired outcomes

Initiatives and sustainability plans, long and short term, are designed and created specifically for you. An initial exploration of your background, objectives, restrictions and target areas gives a strong foundation to launch initiatives that will give you the best ROI.

Policy writing and guidelines
Simple, clear and concise - the backbone of any initiative

Sustainability policies give clear guidance to all involved in an event or organisation on what is expected, how they can be part of the initiatives and how to contribute to making change within their workplace.

Engagement and Awareness Campaigns
Success depends on collaboration

Engagement is essential for all initiatives, different approaches are used depending on your audience and platforms of communication. Everything from full company wide roll out with employee co creation to on site event campaigns that engage participants in established initiatives.

Systems Design
Easy to use solutions that work

Systems should be easier to use than not use. Built to provide simple effective solutions for your targetted issues, within budget, resource and site specific parameters. Design is based on psychology and efficiency, packaged beautifully.

On Site Management
Putting theory into practice

Whether you have your own suppliers, support teams and participants and just need a manager to keep everything aligned; or if you need a full team to bring your initiatives into reality, we have the contacts to do it.

Reviewing and Reporting
Gathering feedback and capturing data

Gaining feedback from users of systems and reviewing the effectiveness of the outcomes gives a clear direction as to how to move forward. Reporting captures real tangible data that can be used for financial, stakeholder, or government communications and sets the benchmark for future years.

The aim is no longer to be just ‘sustainable’ but to be net positive. Leaving a legacy that reaches far beyond our own events or organisations.
It is what we are all here for.


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Sometimes you just need a little guidance, to reflect on what went wrong and how to improve, on how to do things a little better, or to just get an idea of what can be done and the best way to get you up and running.

Full Management

We are a one stop shop, a full A to Z of project management from ascertaining your areas of need, to designing and running initiatives to reporting and reviewing.

Speaker Sessions, Training and Workshops

If you need an injection of inspiration, a programme of training on how to successfully implement sustainable initiatives, or single workshops on subjects from engagement campaigns to system design to team management we provide.

Resources Library Coming SOON!

Online Resources Library will include:
National Environmental Supplier List
“How To” Documents
Online Training Course
Email us to get updates!

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On site at Tal Fanal Gozo setting up for the awesome Journey Malta final week! Sustainability Policy is in place, chefs are preparing conscious food, and the suppliers and venue staff are ready! Looking forward to a great week with these inspiring entrepreneurs! High fives to Paragon Europe and Climate-KIC for another fantastic initiative! ... See MoreSee Less

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Global Green Events shared Valletta 2018 - European Capital of Culture's post.

Coming to the Valletta Pageant of the Seas 2018 tonight?
Choose to use the recycling points! Show the rest of Malta that we want to recycle! Encourage others, lets make this a national standard, on events and in localities!
Collection points are all along the wharf from the siege bell to the cruise ship terminal!
Powered by Global Green Events and
GSD Marketing.
Thanks to the Valletta 2018 - European Capital of Culture, Wasteserv and Green Skip Services Ltd!
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Recycling and resource management is a key focus at Pageant of the Seas this year. Come together to create a clean pageant by: ✅Using the recycling and collection points available ✅Engaging with the Global Green Event signage ✅Keeping the floor clear ✅Encouraging others to do the same Our sustainable event initiative is powered by Global Green Events , GSD Marketing and Wasteserv.

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Meravilja!! Prosit lil organizzaturi u lil poplu Malti kolllu,,sadanittant qed issir il World cup ta l isparar gewwa pajjizna,,meravilja ohra,,k Alla l Maltin imorru tajjeb,,awguri

3 months ago   ·  1

Bhal ma nhobbu d dar tghana nadifa, daqshekk iehor sabih li nhallu barra nadif ukoll !!!

3 months ago   ·  3

It was very fantastic.

3 months ago   ·  1

Big big well done 👍

3 months ago   ·  1

Well done 👍

3 months ago   ·  1


3 months ago   ·  1

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Global Green Events shared Earth Garden's album.

Together we can do more - Sustainability Campaign Thursday/Friday
Tag yourself and share your photo to win 2 days at Sanya Health Spa or Rays Lido. The picture with the most likes wins!
Powered by Global Green Events and Jimmi Ikino Salomonsen!
Winners announced Wednesday 6th June.
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Together we can do more - Sustainability Campaign Tag yourself to win 2 days at Sanya or Rays Lido. The picture with the most likes wins! Powered by Global Green Events and Jimmi Ikino Salomonsen, Wasteserv, and Hon. Dr José Herrera, the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change! Winners announced Wednesday 6th June.

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Global Green Events is with José Herrera and 10 others.

Sustainability Management at Earth Garden 2014-2018
The 4th year as sustainability management for Earth Garden, sustainability has gone from concept to reality, and they are now leading the way for a sustainable future for Maltese events!
Here's the overview and achievements, narrated by the Hon. Minister Dr. José Herrera, Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change; video format.
Thanks to all the organisers, sponsors, supporters and event participants for making this a success!
Wasteserv, Green Skip Services Ltd, Barcode Logistics.
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I’m sorry. With all due respect. I cannot take anything the minister says seriously. What an actual farce. While he is happy to endorse these festivals (which yes is all great and good) - he is ingnoring so much more important environemantl issues on the island. Which needs to be called out instead of hiding it through these endorsements. Stop allowing people to chop down trees, stop allowing the heavy pollution to our seas, and stop allowing for unregulated pollution to our air. And then I will begin to believe the ministry, till then I feel he is full of shit. I am sorry for having to comment with this tone but it’s just too horrible to bare - in the mean time, global green events I sensarilly thank you for all the hard work you put in to making Malta greener - it’s groups and ppl like you who have clear intentions coming from the heart 🙏🏻

4 months ago   ·  5

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4 months ago

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Global Green Events is feeling excited.

Good Morning Earth Gardeners!
Today is the first day of #EarthGarden2018 an amazing festival that has embraced so much positive change over the past few years putting a huge environmental effort into becoming a Global Green Event!

A stunning festival of Music, Art and Community, grab your OneCup and come on down today, tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday or all of the above! 🤩🌲🧘‍♀️🌲🥃
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