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Luminate Festival is the leading festival globally when it comes to sustainability. Dotting the i's and crossing the t's, every decision is carefully considered on impact, conscious purchasing, and massive efforts are put in year on year to reclaim, reuse and upcycle. No bins are present on site and the natural location is second to none. Systems such as compost toilets, solar showers, fire baths, and organic and conscious food sourcing is just a small part of the extent.

Name: Luminate Festival

Type of Event: Festival

Size: 3500 people approx

Duration: 8 days

Day Visits/Residential: Residential


– Working alongside the Directors on event procedures and systems.
– Sustainability Manager, facilitating workshops alongside Directors on site on sustainable initiatives.

-Collating data for reporting.

-Writing website and media content of the eco initiatives.

-Working on international comms to showcase these systems internationally.

-Currently compiling data to instigate the start of a full sustainable report on Luminate’s sustainable systems as a benchmark for other festivals and researching funding and award options.