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Sliema Arts Festival is a yearly festival spreading across an entire locality, Sliema, in Malta. Running over 3 days this festival is far from currently sustainable. This year we attended to raise some awareness, run some engagement campaigns and write a full report for the organisers so over future years they can enhance their initiatives. We had a great response from all participants and crew on site, and caused a lot of discussion around the importance of sustainability in beach side events.

Name: Sliema Arts Festival

Type of Event: Festival

Size: Open to public

Duration: 3 days

Day Visits/Residential: Day only


-Running engagement campaigns throughout the festival

-Educating participants on composting and recycling

-Collaborating with local networks to increase awareness

-Handing out of beach ashtrays to participants and organisers

-Supplying vendors and bar runners with recycling bags

-Encouraging the use of compostables not plastics throughout the event

-Compiling full report for improvements going forwards