Knowledge Sharing is key to the success of sustainable initiatives worldwide. Why reinvent the wheel when we can share solutions and encourage each other to step into our power to make change. Workshops can be from an hour long introduction on sustainability, sustainable initiatives, engagement etc, to a full two day long course, launching the participant into a space of inspired motivation backed by tools and tricks of the trade. Speaking at events raises awareness and brings the community together. Client training sessions, consultancy of organisations and businesses just starting out or wanting to review current initiatives, and helping those who are already underway refine and enhance their systems. Collaboration, co creation and engagement are key to the success of any sustainable initiative.

Name: Various festivals and events worldwide as well as independent personal workshops

Type of Event: Festivals, short and long conference style workshops

Size: 10 – 3000 people

Duration: 1 hour to 2 days


-Speeches during festivals to encourage engagement, raise awareness and educate

-Workshops given as part of event programmes on various sustainability topics

-In house training at various companies and organisations

-In house guidance and advise for external clients wishing to initiate new sustainable projects

-Reviews and feedback sessions with various clients as to how to improve their systems and how to plan for the future

-Full training workshops given over 2 days for a deeper immersion into implementing successful sustainability initiatives