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Sustainable Brands are leading the way internationally when it comes to targeting large scale redesigning and re innovating of corporate business. The hold events around the globe, showcasing sustainable solutions to business professionals, creating a community that is taking business towards a future for good. Achievements of Sustainable Brands 2015 London conference: Zero waste with even residual waste being turned into fuel post event. Over 5000 lts recycling collected. All food waste converted to bio fuel. Ongoing legacy on many levels at the venue.  

Name: Sustainable Brands (2014 and 2015)

Type of Event: Conference

Size: 800 – 3500

Duration: 3 days

Day Visit/Residential: Mixed


Working on Sustainable Brands’​ conferences and events to enable them to truly walk their talk and set the bar for the large corporations that attend.
– Venue management to instigate initiatives, audit existing systems and inspire collaboration
– Stakeholder engagement through pre event guidelines and during event social media/on site presence
– Designing and writing of sustainability policies for exhibitors/vendors/suppliers and participants
– Writing of online content for website and mobile app
– Communication initiatives throughout event creating awareness with participants
– Signage produced for individual initiatives
– Following up of initiatives through on site management, media and review