Alternative Dentistry And A Real LOVE For Nature. I’m DONE!

Last nights poulticing was the best it’s been.

Definitely a “gets better with practice” thing!

The mixture was not too runny and not too sticky so the putting on process was MUCH easier!

I got it deep on my cheeks and around my ear and back of my jaw where the infection was and managed to get a good spread 🙂

Putting it inside my mouth was even not that traumatic. It packed in super neatly between my teeth and covered all areas it was supposed to.

With the right consistency as well it didn’t rush me into bed and I had time to take a photo for you wonderful people AND wet my towel with hot water and THEN get into bed!




The only hitch I had last night was getting some clay stuck a bit in my windpipe where I had my head back trying to stop the dribble sneaking out!

It is a little interesting trying to not cough, and clear your throat, AND keep your mouth shut so you don’t dribble wet clay everywhere but it passed and I fell asleep all cosy.

I woke up just 4 hours later and washed it all off.

I gave my teeth a good brush and a water jet and sneaked back to bed.

And BOOM! I felt great.


Didn’t even coconut oil pull for an hour or so then Propolis’d around lunch time.

My tooth has caused me NO issues ALL day. Even the gum isn’t swollen or sore to put my tongue in!

I had plans to learn to weedwack and get physical again but the tutors didn’t show up so we just had a regular community day, researching strawbale natural building workshop marketing options and making community dinner.

Making dinner was challenging enough without a funny tooth, with a kitchen full of bakery staff and racks of pre made bread, left over dishes and mess from the day, as well as the pressure of screaming kids if dinner is not ready on time! Lots of mental pressures on myself and a real frustration in the need for ease. Next week it’ll be back to prepping the dinner the day before again – WAYYY easier 🙂

A few breaths, a good sweep of the communal dining area and a walk in the grounds and I felt a lot more grounded.

Watering the newly planted babies in the greenhouse, checking in on the chickens, watching sunset and chatting to Kuri a community member here, getting schooled up on the Rise Up! Artisan Bread’s mobile pizza oven that is getting an outing tomorrow night in Ashland… (YES we will be there!) AND finally treating myself to hot rustic sourdough bread with peanut butter and jelly on the back bench of the community building watching the swallows and the light change over Dutchmans Peak. Funny how nature has this amazing way of just chilling our soul out.

Its like the presence of the Divine is stronger when you are submersed in nature. Everything just drops away and you are left with nothing but the beauty and the prescence. Perhaps it is that energy that natural products infuse in us that can heal us in ways that we could never dream. Perhaps in all their naturalness they hold that magic, that stillness and beauty and spread it into us and it heads to where we need it the most.

It changed my energy almost immediately to be in it and it swept my frustrations from dinner making out and filled me with a release of mind and a realisation that I didn’t NEED to rush, didn’t NEED to do ANYTHING. I could actually just not DO anything for the rest of the night and NOT write this so everyone knew I was better and it had worked,  and in fact all day tomorrow we could allow ourselves to just enjoy BEing, and go walking in the countryside and BE.

And in that realisation I found I wanted to write, and I wanted to set up my blog subscription on my blog so people could stay in touch. For me, as part of nature I feel that connection is everything, that my life is blessed because of ALL that surrounds it, the planet, the nature, friends and family, and every single person that reads what I write. And gets inspired by my journey.

I went back inside to write  then headed to see Greta who had been upstairs after the stressful dinner making! Conversations were challenging as we spoke through our making dinner triggers together. Even with a STRONG foundation of love being totally transparent and honest can be sometimes confronting and it takes effort to keep that love flowing even when faced with your shadows.

Peter came and got us to come to check out the fire that was now going STRONG in the pizza oven. Perfect timing.

We headed out in the cold and spent time just staring in the raging heat of the fire.


We spoke of how fire has an ancient memory inside us, that it holds that space of “home” and of warmth and safety, rest and togetherness.

The fires flames were like waves of relentless heat rising from the logs of Madrone, lapping at the roof and out of the entrance up the chimney. The magical tree showed us its strength as it made us step back with the flames.


Embers shone bright and the wood changed colour as it became superheated, its incredible wordless beauty burning before us.


The essence of the fire reconnected me and Greta and as we kept our fronts warm and cosy we had cuddles and with more expressing and support, filled the gaps that had been between us before we zipped our jackets and headed back to the Community Building.

Back in the office, there is a cosy feeling, and a SUPER smell of hot bread from the Bakery.

Nature has taught me many lessons this week, and has showed me over and over its power that it offers to us, in the most humble, beautiful way. If we just stop for a second and LISTEN.

I feel blessed everyday, to be on a journey where I can explore alternative ways of being, explore alternative medicines and healing methods, practice open communication, and process challenges as a space to heal, and through it ALL, be surrounded by SO SO much inspiration and hope and AMAZING beings who are on the same path! Including my wonderful. beautiful. girlfriend.

As for my tooth, I am going to trust nature and the feeling within me to use the clay again tonight then stop and see how things pan out. I will hope that my little stumpy tooth gaps don’t get all clogged up again in the future, but if they do I might just have to release poor stumpy into the tooth graveyard in the sky.

At least I, and everyone else reading this, knows that there ARE natural alternatives to healing abscesses and infections in the mouth. And from what I have experienced over this last few years more than ever, for many other diseases and illnesses in the body.

We are blessed. Truly blessed. To be part of and surrounded by such incredible amazingness. Just waiting to help and support us. When we look up from our daily life and see what’s been there all along!

Share this with everyone you know, the knowledge is empowering to us all 🙂

I am off for a sage and cedar filled cuddle session with a clayey face 🙂

Much love from Oregon

Sleep Well/Have A Good Day

Speak soon!

Gayle x x x x x

P.S. I just added a blog subscription box to my main blog page, so if you want me in your inbox then just pop your email in the box 🙂


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