Alternative Dentistry – Day 2 Clay Poultice, I’m feeling BETTER!

Just as a recap for those of you that didn’t check in with my other post…..After day 1 of the Clay Poultice overnight application the night before last I was seeing a dramatic change in the swelling and tenderness of my tooth abscess. GO THE CLAY!

Yesterday involved plantain munching during the day, mixed with alternating coconut oil pulling and Propolis applications, to keep up the herbal attack on the infection.

Believe me, trying to have a meeting on website structure when all you can do is nod or grunt incoherently, try not to dribble mushy plantain everywhere and write on a piece of paper to get your message across is entirely hilarious!

Greta seemed to enjoy me being vocally out of action a LOT!

2010-12-31 16.03.59

I could still feel a little gremlin in there somewhere, with a bit of pain and tenderness coming and going but was feeling a FABULOUS deal better than I had all week!

Last night was night two of Clay Poultice. The dvd said it could take 3 ish nights of doing it so I thought I would go the long haul, just to see if this actually clears it up…..

So back at the house I mixed up the Green Clay with some Holy Ashes again. And put in a bit of water, I put a bit too much this time and it went a bit like clay soup so I wasted some trying to make it thicker again. So if you are doing it take it slow with the water adding!

Clay mixing

Once I had made it all thick and sticky I put it on the outside of my face.

You have to spread it fully from your ear all the way down your neck and completely to the edge of your jaw. Its supposed to be an inch thick but I did not manage to make it that thick. Maybe it was a little too dry and sticky. Or maybe I just didn’t have enough, but it was coming OFF more than going on so building the layers wasn’t gonna happen!


THEN comes the hard part!

You have to put a thick layer on the INSIDE of your cheek.

In between the affected tooth and gums and the mouth you have to fill with clay, including covering both the inner and outer side of the teeth and on top of the tooth.

Managing to juggle getting the very sticky clay OFF of your finger, whilst not sticking to what you ALREADY managed to wipe onto the tooth, and trying to see in the mirror what the HELL you are doing, whilst all the time trying not to over salivate (believe me when your mouth is greeted with sticky clay its automatic reaction is “WETNESS, I NEED WETNESS”) is super tricky!


Don’t worry about eating the clay. It’s inevitable, and actually tastes ok. AND its super good for you. Detoxifying heavy metals and all sorts in your body.


So anyway once it’s in there now its a race against time before all the dribble in your mouth turns it to clay soup and you have to start over. So make sure you prepare a towel or two before you start, and some SUPER hot water. Ideally boiling but very hot tap water works too.

One towel needs to be submerged in the boiling water, then rung out well and placed on top of the clay on the outside of your face.

Then the other dry towel goes on top.

As soon as its there, clamber into bed and cover yourself with enough blankets to keep you warm.

You are supposed to keep reheating the inner towel once it gets cold but I found 4 blankets on top of me and my warm hand holding the towels onto the side of my face kept it warm enough. I also used a hand warmer I had from the camping shop in between the towels so that gave me an extra advantage 🙂 Who wants to get up every hour to boil towels??

Anyway, I swallowed a lot of clay last night from inside my mouth, it took me longer to sleep so my mouth had more time to dribble all over it. I would recommend a good dry mix for inside the mouth and ideally be tired lol.

I’ll try a drier mix tonight and let you know!

In the morning I got up, washed off all the clay (use hot water it’s easier), brushed my teeth and coconut oil pulled.


I felt FAB!

Still a smidgen tender especially as it was all open after the poultice and pulling.

It is now the evening and it has not bothered me AT ALL today! To be honest I totally forgot about it, have been out in the greenhouse digging and turning beds, mowing a LOT, had a few meetings with talking and no pain, eaten yummy crusty hot bread and not even put on any Propolis or plantain all day. Only now I have sat down in the office at 9pm at night have I sorted some coconut oil to pull and Propolis close by to follow once I have finished this blog.

I think I am winning!

I can tell it is still a little sore in there if I poke around with my tongue so tonight I shall do another Clay Poolutice and see how it feels tomorrow.

Inevitably as it is an impacted tooth unless I can find a good way to clean in the places I can not get to the best thing would probably be to remove it or I am sure I’ll get another infection in time.

But this test running a herbal remedy to infections and abscesses is WORKING.

No dentist, no chemicals, just good old plants, rocks and bees 🙂

Who knew.

Now we all do!

I’ll let you know how I feel tomorrow!

Much love from Oregon











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