Alternative Dentistry – Follow me as I try and heal myself!

So a week ago I awoke with pain in my mouth.

Sometimes I get tooth pain, on a tooth somewhere in my mouth and it passes. These things happen.

So I brushed my teeth EXTRA well and headed off to work as normal.

Later that night and the next day I noticed it was still there and by the evening I was in a fair amount of pain. I checked out where it was coming from and I realised it was from my “freaky” tooth on the lower level of my mouth. A half poking through Wisdom tooth that I have had since I was very young, which I now know to be called an “Impacted tooth”. Please see here for more details on these! I thought – “Oh – maybe its finally coming through” and then headed to bed.

By the morning things had changed.  My mouth and face was puffy, I was in a LOT of pain and I could barely open my mouth without serious discomfort.

Immediate reaction was “I need a dentist”.

Being on a community miles away from anywhere and also being aware of the Dentistry industry and its favoritism for chemicals and non holistic treatment of a tooth problem, I wanted to try other options.

I had read some scarey stuff about root canals about a year ago so when Greta had got an abscess in Australia a few months ago and got told she needed one we researched fully the alternatives.

That’s when I found out about Bio dentists!

Bio dentists treat the tooth holistically, understanding that the tooth itself is part of the body and can be healed as much as any other part can be. They look at the whole body not just a quick fix remedy, and also know about the effects of taking certain antibiotics on the whole system and the cavities themselves. They treat the teeth without putting foreign materials in your body or using toxic chemicals. They also encourage self healing wherever possible. Greta wrote about root canals in her blog post. The link to the pros and cons and outcomes of this experience is at the bottom of this blog.

The experience for me had shifted my trust to fully being convinced that for me a biological dentist was the way to go for me. No fluoride and mercury and weird stuff for me thanks 😀

Unfortunately, round here, there isn’t one. Hmmmm, next option?

Greta had used some Propolis on her tooth abscess for several months prior to getting help in Australia (in avoidance of dentists at all-shes not a fan!) and every time it flared up the Propolis tincture applied directly to the gums had caused a BIG change almost immediately. But over time had caused the infection to move HIGHER up into her gums so hence an abscess turned into a root canal issue.

Looking at my puffed up mouth I wanted to avoid this as much as possible yet knew it would help me manage my current rather distressing situation until I could at least get to a dentist.

I had also read about coconut oil pulling in some article or other so after brushing my teeth it was fill my mouth with coconut oil and whoosh it around for 20 minutes while I shower. By the time I was dressed I was already feeling better!

When I got out, Propolis tincture was put on the area of gum and mouth and tooth hole that was all swollen and I headed to the community building.

After 30 minutes the symptoms had reduced by almost half.

Researching bio dentists and treating the infection with oil pulling and Propolis for the next few days seemed to settle things, but I could still feel the infection there deep in my jaw causing dull pain almost constantly and intermittent amounts of mild swelling and discomfort. I used Propolis to keep the pain down while I searched for a suitable dentist, heading into town and asking around. My searches proved fruitless. One Eco Dentist showed up but it turned out that all the normal practices were used he just had an eco friendly building and optional no flouride alternatives. Far from what I was after.

After day 4 still no dentist but my mouth was feeling a LOT better. I decided to avoid having to look for a bio dentist I’d just have the little stumpy tooth out. Then no infection. Simple.

However, one of the community members, Eden, had just come back from a Wilderness Skills course and had met an alternative dentist there. She had a dvd about how to treat stuff yourself AND a bunch of herbal remedies to help. Something called Horsetail and some other herbs that could do wonders apparently….

2014-05-07 11.18.36

PERFECT! With that kind of Divine opportunity I decided extraction or no extraction I would make myself a guinea pig to see if these herbal remedies actually DO work.

Eden taught me about poultices and how to apply them and what to do from her course notes. Poultices draw out the toxins from the infection and capture them. Its the best way to rid them from the body quickly and easily. I had heard about this before in New Zealand and a Cow poo poultice had saved me from a skin infection I had had for over three weeks in just ONE day. I wasn’t about to put cow poo on my face though. She recommended Prickly Pair, Clay and Plantain and told me where to find Plantain on the farm. She also went out and grabbed me some Green Clay that she had in her house and supplied me with Horsetail – which is an amazing plant that massively increases all the right nutrients to rebuild your teeth and strengthen jawline so it can heal itself. She THEN even provided me with a Water Jet. Don’t know what that is? Its a machine that shoots high pressure water in pulses into your mouth to clear gaps between your teeth and massage your gums. BOOM! I was kitted out!

2014-05-07 10.49.46

That night in the darkness I didn’t harvest the plantain or use the clay but took the Horsetail and after brushing with Xylitol toothpaste we got at the weekend I used the Water Jet on the infected area.

It seemed to split open all the infection, and although there was lots of blood the pressure and pain reduced dramatically. I realised how much I do NOT manage to clean my little stumpy tooth way back there in my mouth! I followed it with coconut oil pulling and then an application of Propolis.

The morning was a repeat of the procedure – brushing with Xylitol and Propolis toothpaste, water jet, coconut oil pulling 20 mins and Propolis application to finish. I did the same in the evening too with an added bonus of watching the dvd. The guy on the dvd Doug Simons told us how to fix every type of tooth issue with herbs and natural methods and stressed that the most important thing is constant maintenance. He spoke of Prickly Pear as being the best poultice but also taught us how to carry out the clay poultice, I might need to repeat it up to 3 times but I was game. Knowledge was gathering.

The next day I hunted down some Plantain! I am not gonna lie, chewing Plantain isn’t on my top ten list of awesome experiences but after keeping it in my mouth for over an hour (a little dribbling and a lot of muffled grunting to communicate in the office) I felt much better and the swelling had definately reduced.

2014-05-07 11.27.39

The usual practice of Propolis and Coconut oil pulling was continued.

That takes me to last night.

I was late to bed but decided to give the clay poultice face mask thing a go.

Instructions were clear. Cover your face from top of your ear to your jaw to far down your neck. With an inch of cover. Then also place a substantial amount inside your mouth on the infected area. Cover with a warm damp towel and re- heat as necessary. Oh and I might eat clay. A LOT.


I made up my mix and threw in some Holy Ashes I had from Bali (ashes from a sacred fire – apparently charcoal has some great properties for this purpose too) and applied it to my face and slipped into bed next to a sleeping cosy Greta.

Morning came and I washed off the clay and undertook my usual brushing with xylitol and Propolis toothpaste, water jet, coconut oil pulling 20 mins and Propolis application to finish.

I could not believe the difference!!!!!

After just one application the swelling and pain had GONE! I could now press on the side of my mouth comfortably and the pain had almost completely disappeared.

The usual maintenance of Coconut oil pulling and Propolis after eating and a few applications of Plantain poultices (chewing and dribbling and lack of speaking much to the amusement of Greta) my mouth is feeling almost COMPLETELY back to normal.

Tonight I am going to do application of clay number two.

Maybe I wont have to have my little stumpy out after all?

Maybe I could get a vacuum cleaner to get to those hard to reach places to stop it getting reinfected?

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. I’m enjoying being a guinea pig.

Taking one for the team so to speak!

Much love all x x x x x



Greta’s Biodentist link:


Coconut Oil Pulling:   


Doug Simons DVD:       





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