An Ode To My Mother



Mums funeral, Woodvale Cemetery, UK – 14th April 2015


Sometimes the pain is deep and strong

Deep within my heart

Sometimes I miss your hugs and care

Now we are apart

But mostly I am grateful

For all the guidance that you gave

On how to live my life today

And how I could behave

Your open hearted smiling

And love for random strangers

People on the bus and train

In spite of all the dangers

You taught me to be streetwise

Independent to a t

There’s so much of you that still lives on

And makes up part of me

Your kindness and your openness

Your want to do things well

Your care for everything alive

The thanking that you tell

To people that affected you

The ones that made you smile

A little word or note of how

They went the extra mile

Nature was your passion

Love extended to the earth

Hours spent in wooden hides

Watching all the birds

You brought me up in countryside

Exploring woods and fields

Walking boots and anoraks

Picnics were our meals

Later on adventures grew

Going places in the car

Catching planes and visiting

Lots of places from afar

Though the years bought challenges

Of tensions and of stress

Lots of love and sharings

Got us through the mess

You wrestled with so much dear Mum

Your illnesses and health

But everyday in life you saw

A different kind of wealth

A focus on the little things

The ones that got you through

A humble heart of gratitude

Was at the heart of you

Your lessons that you taught me

Will live on now in me

An openhearted legacy

A hugger of the trees

I’ll connect with you in stillness

Through the love that joins our souls

The expansiveness of sea and sky

Through the birds and all their calls

I’ll carry you in all I do

You’ll guide me on my way

You are everything around me

You’ll be with me every day


I love you

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