An Ode to Nana

2 days since my Nana’s funeral. The last of two.

Moving on to the next chapter has been a world of releasing and breathing. Taking each day as it comes. Trusting in the Love that holds everything together and seeing the beauty and light in the darkness.

Really feeling my heritage and so much gratitude for the wonderful powerful women in my lineage. She taught me a lot about how to move in the ‘right’ circles!

Here’s my ode to a wonderful Nana.

Paulina, Nina, Nana.

By Gayle Murphy

Paulina “known as Nina”
Was glamorous top to toe
Her berets and her brooches
Always dressed up for a show
Beautiful and elegant
She always looked her best
Her appearance only matched by
Her personality none the less
A woman of the world
she hung out with the royals
Her life was full of stories
countless numbers of them all
Visiting new Zealand
Africa and more
everywhere she ever went
She always got adored
Making friends all over
Her white beetle was well known
And people would call out to her
As she went down the road
A hostess with the mostest
Matching tea sets were her thing
She loved to serve and entertain
Everyone was welcome in
Her devotion for her husband Reg
A mother to Jacq and Anne
School friends stayed as aunts to all
Then later on my Nan
Wooden floors in bungalows
A ticking of the clock
the radio in the kitchen
a shuttered wooden doorknock
Memories of nana
adventures all with class
She taught me most of what I know
of etiquette and brass
A woman full of strength
And one who left her mark
determination, humour
A charmer of the heart
her resilience and flare
Carried through unto her kids
their illnesses not stopping them
Living life through all it is
Years went on and age set in
Her mind not so the best
Forgetfulness and health
Really put her to the test
Her soul remained so playful
Yet her body had its day
Inspiring strength until the end
When God called out her name
Her passing was so peaceful
She’s in a better place
Nana lives on now in all of us
Shining on us in her grace

Next up will be touring with my Mum’s ashes to Bali and NZ and Malta.

Sending love out to all of you.

Love your family. You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone grin emoticon

Treasure everyone you love, spend time with them, love them, tell them you love them grin emoticon