Ashes Dancing in the Wind


Worthing Seafront – 29 June 2015 ·


The fire burns the paper
From the inside to the out
It quickly turns to ashes
And the wind blows them about

The ashes dance and swirl around
Alight upon the air
A quietness so present
There’s a magic that is there

A lesson of the cycles
Of living and of death
Creation born from nothing
Then a return into the breath

The wind, a planets breathing
The sea, it’s blood and flow
The earth upon we walk on
Is all within us as we grow

Everything is one
That is clear within your mind
As matter turns to ashes
Reconnecting to divine

That dancing into oneness
Is where we all will go
When our time is over
And we release from what we know

Dissolving into everything
Loss of self into the all
That blissful sense of freedom
Our essence has no walls

So when you turn to ashes
What do you want to give
To the beautifulness we all create
When we really start to live

Enjoy it Mum
Be free


Photos are:

Scattering of ashes in Church Norton where she wanted to be.
A last ceremony at solstice at Stonehenge.
Burning of her ashes bag at Worthing beach and a seeing a new lease of life entering her home and bicycle.
Such care taken in everything she did.
A week of admin for her passing.
And some great reunion time with family and friends.
Finishing with a walk and time to remember wth my Dad on the land we poured her “for when its all over wine” on her second wake.
Places that hold her heart, live on in us.
Now she rests.

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