I Sit In Love Tonight


Gozo, Dwejra Cliffs – 26th June 2015


The moonlight on the water

The breathing of the sea

The crashing of the waves

Brings her close and here with me


My soul it is connected

My heart is full of love

The stars are shining brightly

Like she’s in the sky above


I feel her right beside me

Her closeness warms my soul

A shyness and a coyness

Her presence makes me whole


I see her in my vision

Her brown skin on my sheets

A breeze in through the doorway

I watch her as she breathes


Her beauty knows no boundary

Her eyes are full of lifht

Her hair rests perfect on her back

Her feet and hands just right


Her smile it shines like none before

Her soul so soft yet strong

She’s full of care, a loving heart

She guides my soul along


My love it knows no distance

If she’s near me or she’s free

Appreciation, gratitude

I breathe, and return to be


The depth of darkness rich and black

The moon contrasts with light

A beauty fills my every cell

I sit in love tonight


I love you


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