Roadtrip Oregon to San Diego!


Leaving our little community in Oregon in the Applegate Valley today for a big American adventure (can you tell I have wanted to roadtrip here since I was a young backpacker at 20?)!

Jumping in a car with my gf, a dog and another member of Full Bloom Community (check out their FB page with great photos and updates here) to check out San Francisco for a day before flying to San Diego!

An added bonus on our journey in Sustainability following….. Thrift stores and farmers markets on Saturday are ahead!

THEN it’s Sustainable Brands Conference time! (link to the SB website is here: its defo worth a look if you are into Sustainability, great resources)


Been soooo wanting to get to one of their conferences since last year and now have the blessing to be working on it as well as able to go for free through the Volunteer programme.

What more could you want.

Can’t wait to be inspired by hearing large brands taking those steps ever closer to a sustainable future, and also to smaller brands with their values built purely around a sustainable heart from the ground up.

You can follow the conference on a livestream or through the digital library here: I’ll be helping update the digital library in real time!

AND I get to see my best friend I used to live with in Malta, Aisha, and my favorite bouncy dog in the world – a little mini poodle called Bubzi who is like sunshine in fur!

An awesome week ahead!

Will let you all know how it goes when we get back!

Could be an interesting change from our VERY quiet rural life!

Much love from Oregon

With anticipation in my heart 🙂





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