Stop. Breathe. Connect.

Today I’m grumpy

Or should I say I am experiencing grumpiness

As after all my current state of mind is only fleeting

I’m sitting in it, wondering exactly what about the events that triggered me have affected me so much

Blamey, negative thought forms fill my mind


What is it inside me I am lacking

What is it that I am wanting to experience for myself

What is it that I am not taking care of inside myself

What is it that I am not loving myself enough for

And how do I change that

So I don’t need to be feeling hurt and angry and sad and sorry for myself

What is it that says you…..


Are loved

Are accepted

Are safe

Are enough

And you have value

Just as you are

I want to wrap up my inner child in a blankey and tell her it’s ok

And I want to hold myself softly and gently

And allow myself to just be

And so I am

And I do

I breathe

And take a moment to feel it

Really feel it

And all of a sudden I’m not blaming anymore

I’m not angry or sad

I’m present

And breathing

And loving myself

I’ll get there

It’s all ok

Everything is just as it should be

Just breathe

Then I see the sun catching the light on my hair as it falls over my face

The dry salty residue white against my brown skin

I hear the lapping of the waves and the calling of the birds

And I feel the warmth of the sun in my skin

And all of a sudden everything is resonating again

And my heart fills


There it is


I breathe

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you