The Ancestral Blaze Of Fire


Mums house Worthing UK – 2nd April 2015


The passing of the guides

The feminine mystics of my life

The ones who lit the way

And set the path alight

Brighter than the stars

And strong women of the earth

They taught me all I know

And what burns within me now

I stand atop the mountain

Where once was three now one

A certain sense of knowing

What was before me still lives on

A flame is blazing bright from as far back as I can see

All fuel behind has now burned out

So the flame now burns in me

A sense of deep alone

And a scariness and fear

Yet a strength I haven’t known before

Is deep within me here

I want to teach their legacies

Their being ness and art

To passing on the knowledge

That now burns within my heart

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