The waves of Grief


Gozo, Dwejra Cliffs – 26 June 2015


Sometimes I want to sit on a cliff alone and listen to the wind

Sometimes I want to lay on the cold earth beneath the shade of the trees and just be

Sometimes I can’t stand to be around people

Sometimes I don’t want to speak, all day

Sometimes the tears and the sadness flow so strongly I can barely stand

Sometimes I just want to be held close

Sometimes I feel so numb to the world

Sometimes I feel depth of presence and connection I have never known before

Sometimes I feel her beside me and it makes me feel warm and loved

Sometimes there is nothing but emptiness where she once was

Sometimes my heart is alive with the opportunities of the future

Sometimes I wish for her hands to be softly on me, healing my hurts

Sometimes I feel her strength and resilience burning strong in me

Sometimes I feel lost without her

Sometimes I feel her loving heart living through mine

Sometimes I crave one last day with her, to share all the things with her I never did

Sometimes I remember her words and I am grateful for her lessons

Sometimes I just want her back


Sometimes I see her in the sun

Sometimes I see her in the sea

Sometimes I hear her in birdsong

Sometimes I feel her presence on the wind


And sometimes I feel nothing but alone




It’s a journey


She is beauty

She is love

She is the earth

She is all

She is mum


I miss her




I miss her

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