There Is No Trauma Only Love

8 September 2015 ·

This weekend The Eco Gathering changed my world.

By changing me.

I travelled and journeyed, I got vulnerable, I got broken, I got loved, I got hugged, I got inspired and I got empowered!

This week my stories got burned into flames, and I have come out integrated and open!

There is no trauma, there is only LOVE!

Loving ourselves in all that we are, sharing, caring and being in our highest truth.

There is no price on that.

This week…. and onwards, watch out world! I am Daring To Be Great!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who participated, supported, held me in my vulnerability and stood beside me in love.

And a massive gratitude to my fellow council beings Edward Hamilton Amber De Giorgio Dara Stara Simon Paul Sutton Alexandra Cachia Milly Love Karl Pace for all the lessons, the journeys, the love and the growth.


Let’s do this world!

x x x x x

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