Tips for building a SUCCESSFUL change making campaign!

So, heres the lowdown to what made Jackson County’s NO GMO campaign a SUCCESS!

I think we all have a lot to learn from their approach.

Not just in campaigns or fights “against” the system that we want to make change in.

But in business, in life and in relationships with one another.

Create a “YES” culture

Focus on a positive goal to work towards. One that invokes a passion to support in individuals and community that surrounds you. In this case the importance of PROTECTING family farms and homesteads from GMO farming.


Be Organised!

A successful campaign has a planned strategy that is fluid when it needs to be, and a strong management and leadership team that has their heart and soul (and a cool head) behind it, even in times of stress.


Get Backing

Call for support from influencial peers, leaders and organisations, ask for funding if you need it. And give THANKS if you get it!


Educate with FACTS

Choose your FACTS and focus on them. Back up the FACTS with the education required to understand them. Take the time to explain any implications.

Be Clear and Concise

Give CLEAR information why this goal should be supported. Moreover why it is IMPORTANT to support it.

Empower people

Let people know their participation is needed, that they DO have a say and its wanted, and give them plenty of opportunity as individuals and as a community to get involved! Bring the community TOGETHER! And when they do don’t be shy to let them know how MUCH you appreciate it, and HOW awesome it is to have them on board! People are the power in this process of change making. Let them know it!


Be personal

Use characters that local communities recognise and fall in love with. Take the time to spend time one on one with people who may not support you initially so they can ask questions openly with no judgement.



Have integrity

Do everything you do from your HEART. It is obvious to all when you aren’t. Don’t go around bad mouthing the opposition, they will do that all by themselves. Use your energy on positive things.

Have fun all along the way!

Celebrating the cause and throwing creative and uplifting events in the name of the cause all bring more heart energy out from those involved and surrounding the campaign. Such as Tractor flash mobs in town centres! (Just make sure you stay within the law).





Be Colourful!

Pick colours that are bright and lively. Uplifting people visually and showing that the goal is one that will bring a positive change into everyone’s life.



If you are lucky enough to reach your goal. ENJOY IT!

Celebrate it, hold parties, and give thanks.



Keep the energy going

If you’ve created an awesome BUZZ in your community, workplace or friendship group…. Keep it going and find a NEW cause to back!

The Jackson campaign gave us the excuse to all head to the campaign managers farm (that had been held down single-handedly by her husband for months) and harvest chamomile by hand while discussions of the next steps were put in place!


So if you are trying to make change in YOUR neck of the woods. From a local to a national scale, lets learn from a successful campaign.

And bring a little YES positivity into it!

Thank you!

Much love from a GMO free Jackson County who is moving on to hitting labelling hard.

Have the faith.

Change is possible!








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