Victory for Our Family Farms Coalition – Jackson County GMO Free!

THE most inspiring campaign of my life…..JACKSON COUNTY AND JOSEPHINE COUNTY ARE GMO FREE!!!!!

After over 2 years of pulling together a campaign that stands strong for Family Farmers rights in Oregon; for the rights to have GMO free soils, water and fields and produce seeds that are heirloom, organic and NON GMO. The measure 15-119 – Vote YES to Protect Family Farms has WON today!

A campaign that has inspired my heart and soul that GMO campaigns can be so heartfelt and exude such love and SUPPORT for farmers, not angst AGAINST a system, but PRO the family small scale farms, PRO the organic, living with the land alternative, and PRO Community.

In all the years being an activist on various no GMO marches and rallies Our Family Farms Coalition is a cut above them all. A true example of what spreading positive vibes, and a motivation to protect our communities can achieve.

We DO have a voice, and we ARE being heard. The world over. On matter upon matter. This week alone has seen victories for suspending fracking in Australia, an entire country of Butan going GMO free, and Vermont signing a law requiring labelling on GMO products. And NOW JC and JO going GMO free!

Change is possible. When we come together, stand up for what we believe, and speak from our hearts.

Thank you thank you Jackson County, thank you Our Family Farms Coalition, thank you Elise Higley, Chris Hardy, Tracey Harding, Jared Watters, ByGeorge Farm, Eden Ariel Luz, Chris Beekman, Chant Trillium, Shelley Elkovich, Tyson Fehrman, Karaina Black, Ryan Ginn, Lydia Doleman and ALLLLL the others that were all in that room and beyond tonight that have been involved in this campaign.

You are ALL amazing.

And have set alight in me hope, and inspiration.

Thank you

x x x x x

A full blog on the story of how they did it is coming SOON!!!!!

Maybe we can all switch to positive campaigns to make change? Its amazing how effective they are!

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