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Our Vision

We are a global network of awesome ambassadors, focussed on creating a platform for positive behaviour change through sustainable initiatives. initiatives that will help ourselves, each other, and the planet while ensuring a strong economic future.

Our passions are collaboration, teamwork, transparency, connection, self development and a blend of work and life balance. Working from heart to contribute to a better world in which we can all thrive. Together.

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Our Team


Gayle Murphy

With 17 years in the international event industry Gayle founded Global Green Events Ltd in 2011, to assist organisers and events to be more sustainable. GGE began as a Consultancy, inspiring and empowering umbrella organisations, DMC’s, and organisers to design and implement policy involving simple, easy to use solutions to make a difference. Since 2015 the focus shifted to create collaboration at national and international level, ensuring the event industry has a sustainable future. Facilitating stakeholder sessions, involving ministries, key players, suppliers and service providers, Gayle brings people together to create solutions. With an upbeat charismatic attitude towards engagement and training, foundations are created within organisations and individuals that exude positive energy with tangible results.

PROJECT and on site manager

Gonca Kara Demir

On Site Manager for GGE for 2 years, working on corporate events and festivals and dealing with clients, suppliers and venues pre, during and post event. With the background of experienced R&I Funds manager with a demonstrated history of working in the climate innovation and smart cities. Passionate about helping changemakers to grow and scale up via introducing systems innovation tools to help drive sustainable development. Skilled in EU Funding Programmes ( H2020, Innovation Grants, Climate KIC ) and grant identification, Acceleration services, project management, dissemination and exploitation of innovation projects, stakeholder engagement and event management with a LLM Degree from University of Sussex on EU Law and International Trade Law. 

Kasia Matej

I gained experience in sustainability in Malta and Israel, working with leading festivals and NGO’s on creating and implementing environmental policies. My field of expertise is food waste management in all aspects, from education to concept and hands-on work in making ideas happen. I facilitated dialogue and communication between stakeholders and managed execution of policies during the Earth Garden Festival in Malta, working directly with operators. I aided NGO Robin Food in Haifa Israel in their communications and daily operations. My current work focuses on education, carrying out workshops and training in environmental awareness, zero waste and food waste management, as well as expanding my experience in environmental policy for festivals and events.  

Operations Manager

Martina Zammit

Guided by strong principles in alignment with living sustainably and striving to be a positive force of change, Martina channels her strengths into purposeful work. Hyper-organised with attention to detail, no invoice, email or note ever gets lost! Martina manages the day to day operations and communications, helps with structuring strategies and writes out all the to-dos lists in order to achieve our goals. 


Elena Agius

Elena is a GGE sustainable onsite event manager. Her experience in the sustainable industry was first initiated with Global Green Events as a team support member for in 2018. Through this experience she unearthed a strong passion to provide positive support and encouragement to the team and found her inspiration to contribute and care for the environment in as many different ways possible. Elena is currently residing in Malta and makes herself present in various initiatives with an aim to continue widening her experience in sustainability while extending her contribution through festivals and events organised by Global green events as part of the onsite management team

PROJECT and on site manager

Lianne Clavey

Lianne has worked in events for more than a decade, as a designer and performer amongst other things. Her interest in event sustainability came from her own environmental ethics not fitting with the industry she was working with. Lianne has tried and tested methods, materials and policies in the decor sector, working with different events in New Zealand and the UK. She joined GGE four years ago and has been an on site manager for a number of festivals as well as helping with campaigns pre and post festival. She has studied renewable technologies and is very interested in reducing energy and resource use; specifically in festivals.


Our Services

We develop the best solutions for your sustainable event and offer assistance with implementing them. We offer consultancy, on-site management, workshops, talks and training. Learn more about our services and contact us!

A Word from Our Clients

“Global Green Events are a unique, passionate, tribe of sustainability specialists with versatile in-depth experience of sustainable event management and sustainable consultancy. Who are invaluable to have on board. Passionate, driven, generally awesome, and calm in environments that can often be quite stressful, which is invaluable in event management.”

Laura Harron
European Capital City of Culture - Valletta 2018

“An approachable company with a variety of tailorable services that can be easily tailored to the needs of the organisation. Easier to work with than other companies as they use an informal setting. And a job well done.”

Caroline Agius
Arts Council Malta

“They were the stepping stone between our ideals and the actual hands-on activities. Global Green Events were the bridge as we didn’t have the know how. It’s one thing to have the idea and another thing to be able to do it. For example, we wanted to recycle but we couldn’t find the way to do it successfully, before they came along. That’s why its good to work with professionals.”

Reuben Spiteri
Earth Garden

Our Partners

We are proud to be working alongside these awesome sustainability leaders.
Well established in the industry, they are a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

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