Whether you wish to be accredited yourself, for an individual event you are running, or for your company or organisation. Check out the below options of what is on offer internationally and tailored for the event industry.


Events INDUSTRY Council

We are on the Sustainability and Social Impact Committee and a proud contributor to the Sustainable Event Professional Certificate programme.


The SEPC programme is for those events professionals interested in accelerating sustainability and social impact in their organisations and global business events. The programme provides guidance that will be valuable for reaffirming our industry’s commitment to a recovery that is resilient, sustainable and equitable.


This course has recently been expanded from the in-person programme and provides the knowledge and tools for event strategists to design and implement their own sustainable events. Developed by a globally diverse group of business events industry leaders and experts in the areas of sustainability, social impact and event management, this highly interactive and accessible format takes users on an engaging, insightful and easy-to-follow journey.


The Sustainable Event Professional Certificate is comprised of 16 modules that include understanding the business value of sustainability, improving environmental performance of meetings and events, and effective methods for achieving social impact goals. As part of the programme, participants will have access to a digital workbook with activities to customise a roadmap for their own sustainable event. The course culminates in a straightforward “Final Sustainable Capstone Project”; a certificate of completion for 12 CEs and digital badge is awarded as a result.



The SMPP® System is the only on-line system certified to meet the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems standards. The SMPP® is a tool that helps organizations embed sustainability into their meetings and events in accordance with industry sustainable event planning standards. The SMPP® system includes a Manual and fillable forms with your ready-to-use company event sustainability policies, procedures, goals, measurable objectives, scoring forms, checklists, industry compliance forms and reporting templates to achieve ISO 20121 certification.

Positive Impact​

As a Positive Impact Ambassador, you play a key and valuable role in helping Positive Impact through spreading key messages and starting conversations to get others in the event industry involved in working more sustainably.

Why become an Ambassador? 

Receive complimentary educational materials and monthly challenges centered on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to share with your networks.

Access a quarterly presentation so you can deliver presentations and inspire others!

Access optional training at a reduced rate.

If you believe that the event industry should be more sustainable, then this is your chance to get involved in our global community and make a difference!

Events INDUSTRY Council

More than 11,000 meeting professionals in 55 countries around the globe hold the CMP designation. This unique community represents every sector of the industry—from corporations and associations to government and institutional organisations.

Today, the CMP credential is recognised globally as the badge of excellence in the events industry. The qualifications for certification are based on professional experience, education and a rigorous exam.

The CMP programme aims to increase the professionalism of meeting management professionals in all sectors of the industry by:

Identifying a comprehensive body of knowledge in the meeting management profession

Promoting industry standards, practices and ethics

Stimulating the advancement of the art and science of meeting management

Increasing the value of CMPs to their employers

Maximizing the value received from the products and services provided by CMPs

Sustainable Event Alliance - SEA

SEA Accredited Professionals are recognised for their up-to-date knowledge and experience within the field of sustainability in event management and their competency to advise, assess or train others.Only members of the SEA may apply to be an SEA Accredited Professional. Please join and/or sign in, to access the next steps of the accreditation process. Join the SEA here. First step is to let us know all about you, your previous history, types of events you’ve worked on and things you’ve achieved. Also whether you are an in-house sustainability manager, consultant, trainer, auditor or sector specialist. The next phase of accreditation is to take an online assessment. This is ‘open book’ style, however must be undertaken in a 48 hour period. There are 75 questions in all across the following subject areas. Each section is a separate form so you can have breaks between sections and also to lower the risk of losing answers if you have a power failure. View the questions and get prepared for the exam.Next is to contribute new knowledge to the sector and SEA members. For example providing a case study, discussion paper, research or other knowledge. You are also encouraged to participate in an industry forum, speaking engagement, expert panel or master class on event sustainability. You will be contacted after completing the online assessment to discuss what you would like to contribute. After peer review of your application, online assessment and knowledge  contribution, you will then be approved as an SEA Accredited Professional and authorised to use the recognition logo. 


Our Partners

We are proud to be working alongside these awesome sustainability leaders.
Well established in the industry, they are a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Sustainable Meeting planner programme





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