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Suited to your objectives and desired outcomes

Tailored to Your Needs

Long and short term packages are designed and created specifically for you. An initial exploration of your background, objectives, restrictions and target areas gives a strong foundation to launch initiatives that will give you the best ROI.

Simple, clear and concise - the backbone of any initiative

Strategy/Policy Implementation

Sustainability strategy and policies give clear guidance to all involved in an event or organisation on what is expected, how they can be part of the initiatives and how to contribute to making change. Our Strategy Implementation Programme takes you from A to Action

Easy to use solutions that work

Systems Design

Systems should be easier to use than not use. Built to provide simple effective solutions for your targetted issues, within budget, resource and site specific parameters. Design is based on psychology and efficiency, packaged beautifully.

Success depends on collaboration

Engagement and Awareness Campaigns

Engagement is essential for all initiatives and different approaches are used depending on your audience and communication platforms. Everything from full company wide roll out with employee co-creation, to on site event campaigns that engage participants in established initiatives.

Putting theory into practice

On-site Management

Whether you have your own suppliers, support teams and participants and just need a manager to keep everything aligned, or if you need a full team to bring your initiatives into reality….. we have the contacts to do it.

Gathering feedback and capturing data

Reviewing and Reporting

Gaining feedback from users of systems and reviewing the effectiveness of the outcomes gives a clear direction as to how to move forward. Reporting captures tangible data that can be used for financial, stakeholder or government communications, setting a benchmark for future initiatives. 

Implementing successful initiatives through events and companies since 2005


“The aim is no longer to be just ‘sustainable’ but to be net positive. Leaving a legacy that reaches far beyond our own events or organisations.
It is what we are all here.”

We are here to support YOU and YOUR COMPANY to be a success. Sustainability is a three pronged approach to create positive social impact, reduce environmental impacts, and become long term investment ready and financially sustainable.

Sustainability is no longer optional, and with ESG reporting coming in as mandatory, don’t waste time to get moving.

Our consultancy offers you tailored options to meet you where you are.

Strategic planning for sustainability

Strategy Implementation

For your company to be sustainable throughout the three pillars you need to be clear on your objectives and needs, determine solid actions and set targets and goals and ownership to make it happen. Our Strategy Implementation Programme give you a full programme from aims to action. And leaves you with a fully integrated Strategy and Action Plan for your organisation. 

This can be paired with internal training.

This programme can be done face to face or online, as required.

Set a call with us today to discuss how this can be beneficial for your company.

let us do the work for you

On-site Management

We provide face to face on site management of events if your manpower, time and resources don’t allow for driving sustainability on your event. We slot in as an integral part of the team and can undertake anything from full management to pre, during and post- event, or simply turn up on the day and make sure your initiaitives are running successfully.

Our full management service includes pre-event assessment, supplier, venue engagement and management, systems design and roll out, internal comms, on site management and data collation. 

Face to Face Trainings and Facilitation

If you want a more tailored, motivating and inspiring face to face session we provide. Trainings and facilitated focus groups and sessions are tailored to your needs, and constructed around your aims and objectives. Everything from team roles, personality profiling, focus groups, employee engagement and change management. Subjects vary according to needs. Delivered with charisma and energy to get even the most resistant team member on board!!

knowledge Sharing

Workshops and Talks

Invoking inspiration and empowerment about sustainability and bringing forward personal skills to make actions a success.


In today’s world the stresses of running a business and a team can be high. Time is often ‘short’, and hours are long. Employees are motivated by the feeling of working with purpose, inclusivity, and connection between themselves, their job and the colleagues they work with. Creating an environment where all can thrive in the workplace is essential for a cohesive team. Where a collective vision unites the way forward and each individual has opportunity to work at their potential through a supportive framework.
Learn some simple practices for yourself and your team to work better, together.”

After 10 years focussed on making change Gayle has learned that there are a few key elements that are must haves for every change maker, whether you are an entrepreneur, passionate employee or ambitious activist! Having gone from a no one searching for a voice, to someone who guides and advises ministers, Gayle has managed to reach places that passionate change makers crave to reach. An interactive workshop where you learn tangible skills as well as spend time on your own inner journey towards stepping into your highest calling of you!

A mix of philosophies based on vibrational attunement, neuroscience, utilising the morphogenetic field, breathwork and meditation. Knowledge is power, and it can help us to clear our own way into practice and action that clears us from blocks of the past and launches us into our vision of the future. A mixture of information and tools learned and well used, this workshop will cover some of the vastness of your own potential and how to tap into it.

Communication can sometimes be one of the hardest things in relationships… between friends, family, lovers. But there is help at hand! Understanding what lies beneath communication, knowing ourselves, and facing our fears to share them lead us towards a clearer, more empowered way of expression. The key to expressing is to give yourself the tools, to know where you are coming from, to be able to hear others (however they are expressing) and to be supported in creating a safe space where you can both feel heard. This workshop raises awareness in the science of communication, what is beneath all our connections, what motivates and what triggers us, and gives insight into how to be able to hear and be heard.

Gayle will take you through an hour of exploring the avenues of connection that we have around us. Too often in modern society we can experience a deep sense of loneliness. A disconnection from one another and the planet. Sometimes, we are looking for connection externally, often in the wrong places. This workshop allows us to stop, breathe and explore ways to keep our cup full in this busy world. Through our breath, our environment, and through one another.

A workshop setting a space for quiet and presence. Teaching the science behind meditation and then guiding the participants into a deep connection with themselves. From breathwork to silence. Utilising a practice using numbers, this meditation can be done by anyone of any ages, genders and religions.


A presentation full of case studies to inspire, industry stats, initiatives and global market positioning. Building a business case for clients or industry can be one of the key assists to getting engagement in sustainable initiatives and ventures. Understanding what gets the juices flowing in your sector when it comes to investing time and energy into a new business format.”

A brief overview of the elements of the online course. The A to Z process of implementing sustainability in a way that creates success. From policy creation, to systems design and communications planning. Details on the physical and operational best practices and methodologies and providing guidance on the soft skills that are required to support a collaborative and easy roll out.

Relationship is the foundation of all of business. From your internal team, to clients, suppliers and service providers. Without strong foundations business can come a struggle, and with elements of the ship moving in a direction that is against the tides. Whether you are leading a team, or part of one, relationships is everything. Soft skills for business are often the most uncommon, yet the most powerful for a productive, efficient easy flow in the workplace.””

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Sustainability 101 for the events industry

Strategy Implementation, Self Paced Online Training and Coaching

We have courses for your every need – from a self paced Implementing Successful Sustainability Online Course to facilitated company sessions in our Strategy Implementation Programme to help you vision in an economically sound future and get agile and lean for the long term existence of your company. Essential in these times. Click below for more info!
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A Word from Our Clients

“Global Green Events are a unique, passionate, tribe of sustainability specialists with versatile in-depth experience of sustainable event management and sustainable consultancy. Who are invaluable to have on board. Passionate, driven, generally awesome, and calm in environments that can often be quite stressful, which is invaluable in event management.”

Laura Harron
European Capital City of Culture - Valletta 2018

“An approachable company with a variety of tailorable services that can be easily tailored to the needs of the organisation. Easier to work with than other companies as they use an informal setting. And a job well done.”

Caroline Agius
Arts Council Malta

“They were the stepping stone between our ideals and the actual hands-on activities. Global Green Events were the bridge as we didn’t have the know how. It’s one thing to have the idea and another thing to be able to do it. For example, we wanted to recycle but we couldn’t find the way to do it successfully, before they came along. That’s why its good to work with professionals.”

Reuben Spiteri
Earth Garden
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