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Sustainability has become the buzz word of every sector. With climate change fears as well as business model adaptivity needing to change from pandemics, resources limitation and financial pressures. Sustainability and the implementation of ESG is imperative to your business future.

We are here to help you take action. To get a holistic sustainability strategy moving, to design and implement successful initiatives, or even just to get advice on where you should start.

After the release of the 2021 IPCC report and the COP summit announcements we are offering our Online Course Implementing Successful Sustainability and our Strategy Implementation Programme for a gift amount to those who need it (students, start ups etc), along side a free business coaching call to every business or individual who wants to make a difference.

It’s time to take ACTION. And we want to give you the guidance and support on how to make it work.

The time is NOW! 

YES LETS DO THIS! what do i need to do?

How It Works...


1. If you can afford the full rates you can go to our training page here 

2. If you really can not afford the full rates but want to make a difference we decided to offer you support to still receive this wealth of knowledge. You can apply for a sponsorship, to receive the course for a gift amount of 55 Euros or the Strategy Implementation Programme for 2500 Euros! We want this to be accessible for all!

3. Check out the courses below, read the Ts and Cs and Apply!

Then it is up to you how far you take ACTION!

Want to take it further? We are also offering a FREE 30 minute 1 on 1 business coaching call to give you tailored advice on your business needs.


Our Online Course

Our Implementing Successful Sustainability Online Course allows you to learn from our 10 years of hands on experience and we talk you everything from strategy and event policy making to systems design and data capture.

successful sustainability online course overview

Implementing Successful Sustainability

Taught by Gayle Murphy, CEO of Global Green Events Ltd, Sustainable Eats & Treats and Strategic Roots, this course enables you to tap into her years of experience dealing with clients from governmental organisations, PCO’s, NGO’s and tour group and event organisers.

Sustainability is a thriving new area of business, tourism, events and culture, with the benefits of implementation reaching far beyond the costs of outlay.

A must for all organisations, companies and individuals wanting to step forward into a long term sustainable future and make its mark in the international playing field. Sustainability is a USP that can accelerate your business into a leader in the  sector, and soon will become an ESSENTIAL to your success. 

Over ten sessions you will gain knowledge, frameworks, tools and techniques to take your initiatives from concept to review.

The sessions covered are:

  1. What is Sustainability?
  2. Benefits of sustainability – Building a Business Case
  3. A to Z of Sustainability – The 12 Step Framework
  4. Writing Policy – The 5 Step Framework
  5. Systems Design
  6. Stakeholder Engagement
  7. Supply Chain Management
  8. Training and Inhouse Engagement
  9. External Communications – Successful Campaigning
  10. On Site Management, Reviewing and Reporting

Each session comes with:

  1. A supporting PDF reference pack – for easy access to information shared in the video
  2. A Step by Step Guide to Implementation – Tasks to get this stage of your sustainability path rolling

4 Learning outcomes:

  1. What is sustainability? And how does it benefit the industry and your business
  2. Things to consider during implementation and roll out and a framework to follow
  3. How to deal with obstacles or challenges with suppliers and stakeholders
  4. Actualization of sustainability within your project/business by the end of the course (or have practiced on a case study as you wish.

Usual Investment €500 Currently 50% Off at €230

Gifted at ONLY €55 with Sponsorship

sustainability strategy implementation

Sustainability Strategy Implementation Programme

This course is holistic Strategic Shift for your company, to go from idea to action. 11 years experience, packaged into 6 weeks of 3 hour weekly sessions. It is a simplified 5 Step Framework based on the ISO and GRI structures. A zoom based programme for YOUR COMPANY, and gives you full one on one support through to implementation.

It is deliberately created to be work, time, and cost light, yet doesn’t scrimp on the impacts saved, engagement instigated and tangible results that you can share with clients.

It offers your business a tried and tested tailored personal 6 week programme of facilitated sessions with our CEO Gayle Murphy, to assist you to move from aims and objectives to design and full implementation of initiatives, with training for your inhouse team and stakeholders.

It is designed (as is the ISO and GRI) to be fully engaging across your employee demographic and wider stakeholders. Creating buy in, motivation and awareness as part of the package.

With 11 years of implementing this framework it has been refined and finetuned to be as efficient, effective, and simple as possible. 

A great foundation for you to move towards certification as it uses the same structure as the more time and admin heavy frameworks. Meaning it kick starts you for quick wins, laying solid foundations for the future build.

And it gets you great results and engagement. FAST.


Business Outcomes:

  1. A fully tailored business wide sustainability strategy and policy that targets your aims and impact areas.
  2. Designed and implemented initiatives that have full R and D and data capture interwoven into their systems.
  3. An initial Action Plan – to create immediate tasks and ownership, for you to build on internally over time.
  4.  A multi layered engagement and awareness format creating cohesiveness and motivation across the organization and stakeholders.
  5. Additional optional training, creating full buy in from all you need to get on board.

Duration of Training:

  • Weekly facilitated group zoom calls – 3 hours duration as required
  • 6 week course (with option to extend to training sessions if necessary)

Minimum and Maximum Group Size:

  • Minimum 2 people
  • Maximum 30 people


  • Zoom/Teams/Skype or other as required from users 

Usual Investment €5000
Gifted at ONLY €2500 with Sponsorship

Sessions will run December/January 2022

Need Sponsorship?
Gift prices available for Students, Start Ups, Charities and NGOs etc

How to get sponsorship:

  1. Check out the courses and see if they fit for you and your needs at this time. We want to make this accessible for you! You can also check out the free coaching session if it serves.
  2. Click on “Apply Now” (below this box) to take you to the Application Form, fill out the form and click submit! (1 form per applicant).
  3. You will get an email confirmation once submitted into the inbox of the email address given on the form.
  4. We will send you a follow up email with the result of your application within 72 hours with a payment space for the course and programme. The logins for the course and a starter call for the programme will follow your payment. 
  5. Simples!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Applications for coaching sessions are done on a first come first served basis.
  2. Individuals can apply to both the course and strategy programme, or choose one.
  3. All applicants must submit an application through the registration form.
  4. The online course is self paced, and certificate of completion is given once all session videos are watched. Simply take a screenshot of the dashboard with the ticks beside each session and email to us on
  5. We will send you the certificate!
  6. If you choose the Strategy Implementation Programme we will send you a link for payment and organise an introductory call with you.
Change management follow up course

Actioning Change, Together

This is a follow up to the Change Management Introduction Webinar. It facilitates an individual team or organization from concept to roll out of new structures, systems, or strategies.

The group will be facilitated using the techniques shown in the webinar – in a series of practical sessions to assess the business or team at hand, brainstorm ideas, undertake an innovative exploration of opportunities, create a coherent approach to the current issue, and an systematic approach to overcoming of any roadblocks or challenges that lay in the way.

If you need guidance on this from a trained professional, who understands your industry and the current challenges it faces, this is the course to support you.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Trained support for this time of transition
  2. A stakeholder engagement approach that creates a cohesive way forward
  3. Innovation to action to keep your business aware and adaptive

Duration of Training:

  • Weekly facilitated group zoom calls – 2 or 3 hours duration as required
  • 5 week course (with option to extend if necessary)

Minimum and Maximum Group Size:

  • Minimum 2 people
  • Maximum 10 people


  • Zoom/Skype or other as required from users 

Webinar Sessions

These are one off sessions, giving you a great start down the path of Sustainability or Change Management in this time!

Sessions can either be standalone or can be followed up with the more in depth course.

implementing sustainability webinar overview

Implementing Sustainability in Tourism and Event Organisations and Associations


Taking action on sustainability as an umbrella organisation rather than on an individual programme or event can be daunting, but whether you are a PCO, DMC, Association or an individual company, there are easy ways to create clear, effective and tangible results.

Content includes the ‘WHY’ of sustainability, an overview of the Global Green Events 5 Step Framework – offering a tried and tested way to implement that is simple and easy, other lead methodologies, and case studies. 

This webinar details how to get started, or take next steps.

3 learning outcomes:

  1. What is sustainability and why should we care
  2. Methodologies to use to implement easily
  3. An action plan with your own next steps 

Duration of Training:

  • Interactive webinar session including Slido polls 2 hours
  • Optional Q and A post session (for anyone who wishes to remain) up to 30 mins

Minimum and Maximum Group Size:

  • Minimum 5 people
  • Maximum 100 people


  • Zoom/Skype or other as required from users

Suitability for all levels!


change management introduction webinar overview

Innovation and Change Management in Challenging Times


During times of change we need to be innovative and agile to stay ahead of the game. COVID is effecting both an immediate effect and long term change on the tourism and events industry.

This session is to offer tools and techniques on how to assess your current strategies, see what resources you have and innovate your way to a new sustainable business model (either for the interim period or for a long term shift of strategy).

Focus will be around assessing where you are, brainstorming frameworks, methods to include and engage and take actions.

3 learning outcomes:

  1. Understand why agility is the key business skill to have right now
  2. Methodologies how to explore your opportunities and set goals
  3. Understand the importance of inclusion and engagement and how to do it

Duration of Training:

  • Interactive webinar session including Slido polls 2 hours
  • Optional Q and A post session (for anyone who wishes to remain) up to 30 mins

Minimum and Maximum Group Size:

  • Minimum 2 people
  • Maximum 30 people


  • Zoom/Skype or other as required from users

Suitability for all levels: Yes but has added value to decision makers


mindset for managers webinar overview

Mindset For Managers


It is a sensitive time in the history of the world. Business owners, employees and suppliers for the tourism sector are in a state of panic, stress, or the plain unknown.

What is important right now is keeping the ship afloat, while being able to maintain a sense of calm, in your own space as well as throughout the business. When we are in a state of stress, biologically there is no space for innovation or creativity (the two can not coexist within our hormonal or nervous systems).

This session talks through some tips and tricks, and offers some practices and philosophies, to support you to continue to thrive in these times of change. Management starts with us. So it is important to be able to ensure you are a solid foundation for yourself, your team, and the business as a whole, to ride the waves to success.

3 learning outcomes:

  1. Why is self care and understanding your internal systems paramount in this time
  2. How to manage your team in a way that accelerates participation, safety and solidarity
  3. Learn tools and practices to support yourself and your employees

Duration of Training:

  • Interactive webinar session including practices 2 hours
  • Optional Q and A post session (for anyone who wishes to remain) up to 30 mins

Minimum and Maximum Group Size:

  • Minimum 2 people
  • Maximum 30 people


  • Zoom/Skype or other as required from users

Suitability for all levels: Managers of teams or business owners


Business/Personal Coaching

Want to implement sustainability but do not know where to start? ASK US!

Feeling a little overwhelmed and wanting some support? 

Do not know whether the holistic approach will work for you?

Tried some initiatives already and no one cared? Do not know how to get people engaged? We do!

Wherever you are at, these tailored individual sessions give you one on one time to help support you to get to where you want to be, or simply just be heard.

*Formats of sessions vary according to needs and requirements.

individual coaching

Business/Personal Coaching Session


Gayle offers you a FREE coaching one on one session for business owners or individuals to give you the tailored guidance you need.

These sessions will involve listening to your business needs, offering expert advice, and helping ascertain you a way forward. 

Following sessions can also be signed up for should you need follow up support. Sessions have a varied set of tools utilised, dependent on your needs. They can also be based around the GROW method, working towards a sustainability goal or project in hand or can explore personal aspects that are inherently blocking progress. Methods are used as required, from professional facilitation methods to NLP, and life coaching frameworks.

Duration of Sessions:

  • A free 30 minute session – 1 to 1 with Gayle
  • Weekly sessions of 1 hour can be signed up for post call, should you feel aligned. (recommended to have 5 sessions to work through deeper blocks).

€FREE (First Come First Served)

Check Out Our Other Online Courses!

We offer courses on Change Management and Innovation, Mindset for Managers, and other motivational talks and workshops, not to mention tailored facilitated sessions using organisational development tools and employee engagement.

With Thanks To:

With huge thanks to the Ministry of Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development for instigating the collation of these awesome initiatives as part of the European Sustainable Development Week. It’s time for action!!


A Word from Our Clients

“Global Green Events are a unique, passionate, tribe of sustainability specialists with versatile in-depth experience of sustainable event management and sustainable consultancy. Who are invaluable to have on board. Passionate, driven, generally awesome, and calm in environments that can often be quite stressful, which is invaluable in event management.”

Laura Harron
European Capital City of Culture - Valletta 2018

“An approachable company with a variety of tailorable services that can be easily tailored to the needs of the organisation. Easier to work with than other companies as they use an informal setting. And a job well done.”

Caroline Agius
Arts Council Malta

“They were the stepping stone between our ideals and the actual hands-on activities. Global Green Events were the bridge as we didn’t have the know how. It’s one thing to have the idea and another thing to be able to do it. For example, we wanted to recycle but we couldn’t find the way to do it successfully, before they came along. That’s why its good to work with professionals.”

Reuben Spiteri
Earth Garden

Our Partners

We are proud to be working alongside these awesome sustainability leaders.
Well established in the industry, they are a wealth of knowledge and expertise.




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