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The Bubble 2015

The Bubble (NGO) organises a non-profit weekend Festival at the end of Summer (September) to celebrate life. The concept of the Bubble Festival concerns our very own lives – the familiar and comfortable world that we surround ourselves with, the people we know, the environments we are used to and the routines that we tend …

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Sunscape 2014

On the island, where time stands still, free spirits will come together in unison for an enlightening gathering celebrating contemporary music and performance. A playful exercise in the art of living and being co-creators in our own experience.

The Bubble 2013

The Bubble NGO organises a contemporary music & arts festival with purpose. Positive awareness, charity & fun. The Bubble is a Festival in Malta that donates 100% of its profits to humanitarian & environmental causes. The intention behind this magical occurrence is to create positive awareness of the environment, the arts and our community. An …

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Eco Gathering

This year the Eco Gathering will take on a whole new meaning and intention. Inspired by an array of experiences, festivals and events from around the world, we will bring a new and innovative concept to Transformational Festivals In Malta

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