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Events play a crucial role in bringing people together and becoming a catalyst for cultural, social, emotional and environmental change. Supporting the sustainable pioneers is part of the change towards a greener world!

The International Sustainable Events Showcase celebrates those events that strive to lead the way in sustainable event management, highlighting on-site initiatives and their policies, while showing the savings generated through the event, converted to CO2 emissions through our Event Impact Savings Calculator.

Login to create your own Sustainable Event Profile, use the Event Impact Savings Calculator and showcase your event on the growing network of sustainable leaders!

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Check out the events pioneering the way forward for sustainable events, and add yours to the showcase, inspiring others to do the same!

Want to know the environmental savings of your events? Want to figure out your events impact savings?

Event Impact
Savings Calculator

Use our Event Impact Savings Calculator to display the amount of resources your event is saving and the positive impact of your sustainable initiatives. The information is converted into the CO2 equivalent displayed on your Sustainable Event Profile.

Together, with data from other industry events and entities, we are working to compile tangible savings from the industry, and showing others the way forward to step up into the future of sustainable events!


How to be part of the change

  1. Create an account, login and visit ‘My Account’ >> ‘Create Event Profile’
  2. Fill in all sections of the Sustainable Event Profile
  3. Add your Event Impact Savings Statistics to the Calculator
  4. Click ‘Add Your Event Profile’
  5. Our admin will check it over and if approved, publish your event to the Sustainable Event Showcase
  6. View your Event Impacts Savings counter on your Sustainable Event Profile and spread the word!

Adding your initiatives, your website, and your images will inspire others to see what opportunities there are with sustainable events. Be proud of what you are contributing, even if you are just getting started out!.

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