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Training and Tools

Looking for suppliers of sustainable products and services?

Sustainable Supplier List

Gain access to a list of sustainable suppliers to support your efforts, searchable by item or supplier. A directory of everything you could need to make your event a success! 

Sustainability 101 for the events industry

Strategy Implementation, Self Paced Online Training and Coaching

We have courses for your every need – from a self paced Implementing Successful Sustainability Online Course to facilitated company sessions in our Strategy Implementation Programme to help you vision in an economically sound future and get agile and lean for the long term existence of your company. Not to mention our one to one coaching sessions with our CEO Gayle. Essential in these times. Click below for more info!
Need a few quick tips and tricks to get you started?

How to Docs

Below are a selection of How To Docs that contain tried and tested solutions, tips and tricks for success, and simple, clear guidelines to enable your sustainability initiatives to bloom!

The policies can be downloaded as a Word Doc to be tailored to your own event, or as a PDF to be used as is. These basic documents can assist even the greenest (excuse the pun) event manager to become a sustainability ambassador.

For more in-depth training and support you can purchase the online training course or contact us for one on one sessions

Face to Face Trainings and Facilitation

If you want a more tailored, motivating and inspiring face to face session we provide. Trainings and facilitated focus groups and sessions are tailored to your needs, and constructed around your aims and objectives. Everything from team roles, personality profiling, focus groups, employee engagement and change management. Subjects vary according to needs. Delivered with charisma and energy to get even the most resistant team member on board!!

Want to figure out your event impact savings?

Event Impact
Savings Calculator

Our calculator gives you a basic measure of CO2e emissions saved through your efforts so you have tangible data on the impact you made! Using our calculator, you also get to showcase your event on the growing network of sustainable events and contribute to the overall summary of industry data. Various entities are collating statistics to show the impacts we are making as an industry, inspiring others to step up. Thanks for doing your bit!

Register and login to add your data to the counter and your event to the global showcase.

FROM OUR Events showcase

Impact Savings from the Event Industry

This data counter collates the total amounts of the data categories and CO2 equivalent savings from all the events in the Sustainable Events Showcase.

Other Waste
Savings from Solar Power
CO2 Emissions Saved
Compost Toilets
Litres of Water Saved
Shared Transport
Number of 500ml Plastic Bottles Saved

Our Partners

We are proud to be working alongside these awesome sustainability leaders.
Well established in the industry, they are a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Sustainable Meeting planner programme



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