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Been affected by COVID or motivated by the IPCC report or COP? Need to match the industry competition, create a better ROI, or simply want to make a positive difference with your business or events?

Get schooled up with our training courses to build back stronger or assess your companies resources and see what is the best way to continue long term. Learn about how to Implement Successful Sustainability with our Online Course and Coaching Sessions or gain knowledge on Mindset and Change Management in our webinars.

Need some more in-depth support and guidance? Sign up to our company Activating Change sessions. Giving you a tailored set of facilitation sessions for your organisation or project, helping your business to streamline, shift direction or integrate a new behaviour or system. This is for companies who need to reframe their operations or establish and inspire a new way of being.

Get personal and business one-on-one coaching to think lean and agile, its a time to be business smart. NOW!


Sponsorship for our Online Sustainability Training

Our Implementing Successful Sustainability Online Course offers an A to Z walk through of implementation, from strategy to systems design to data capture. 

Currently also being offered at gift price for those who need sponsorship. Click on the “Course Sponsorship” tab above.

You can also apply for a FREE 30 min business coaching call, if you need some immediate support.

 Why, because we love you! And we all need to take action! NOW!

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Totalling up the industry's impact savings. Imagine HOW MUCH MORE WE COULD ACHIEVE!

Event Impact
Savings Calculator

Use the GGE Event Impact Calculator to measure your events carbon emission savings and add them to the industry total! 

FROM OUR Events showcase

Impact Savings from The Event Industry

Take a look at the sum total of impact categories and their CO2 savings equivalent from all the events in our Sustainable Events Showcase. Add yours today!

Other Waste
Savings from Solar Power
CO2 Emissions Saved
Compost Toilets
Litres of Water Saved
Shared Transport
Number of 500ml Plastic Bottles Saved
Events showcase

Featured Sustainable Events

Check out the events pioneering the way forward in sustainable events and add yours today, to inspire others tomorrow!


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