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Client Details

Name: Sunscape
Type of Event: Festival
Duration: 7 days
Description: ESCAPE TO THE MYSTICAL ISLAND OF GOZO EUROPE’S MOST INTIMATE ISLAND FESTIVALOn the island, where time stands still, free spirits will come together in unison for an enlightening gathering celebrating contemporary music and performance. A playful exercise in the art of living and being co-creators in our own experience.



Sustainability Initiatives

  • The Backbone – An Integral Environmental Policy for suppliers, vendors, participants and crew
  • Leaving No Trace Waste Management
  • Water & Toilet Management
  • Reclaimed and Reused Resources
  • Transport
  • Eco Site Management
  • Education and Workshops
  • A Susty Crew of Sustainable Ambassadors

Leaving No Trace Waste Management

An amazing achievement was made in this area. Events in Malta are reknowned for rubbish strewn dancefloors and massive amounts of site rubbish post event.

Focus was put on:

  • Reducing waste at source with Crew, Supplier, Vendor and Participant Environmental Policies
  • Clear on site signage
  • Easy to use system
  • Compostable Disposables
  • Empowering participants to be responsible to co create a cleaner festival

The waste system was as follows:

5 stations of bins, categories comprising of Plastic and Glass Recycling,  Metal Cans, Compost, Landfill

A back area for emptying into larger skips to reduce transportation and resources

A scheduled rosta of bin checks and site sweeps

A team of Susty Crew volunteers to manage the system

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