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Name: Sustainable brands
Type of Event: Corporate, Festival
Duration: 3 days
Description: Sustainable Brands© has always been committed to reducing the environmental impact of our own events, to sharing knowledge with, and making a positive impact on our host communities. The event planning team works closely with our sustainability partners Global Green Events and all vendors and stakeholders involved to follow a sustainable event framework that was developed in accordance with the leading international event industry standards – ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems and APEX/ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Meeting Standards. Below are just some of the initiatives being carried out with your help at the conference and venue, co-creating a positive impact post event!


  1. Complete eradication of disposables during the event.
  2. Conversion of paper cups and plastic lids to crockery for all coffee stations.
  3. Conversion of individual sugar sachets and wooden stirrers to bowls of sugar with metal spoons.
  4. Conversion of landfill-only collection in all conference areas, restaurant and at coffee stations to separator bins.
  5. Recycling introduced to all areas of the conference.
  6. Recycling collected from all areas hand sorted by the housekeeping and green team back of house.
  7. Composting of food waste from front of house sent to make bio fuel.
  8. Recycling of all materials collected from Hotel Rooms.
  9. Notepads and pens removed from every table and replaced with a communal ‘take what you need’ station in every conference room.
  10. Water stations per conference room replaced table top glass bottles. Initial idea of water jugs with filtered water was kindly upgraded to water dispensers by the hotel.
  11. Sustainability Policy written for all participants and sent out pre event.
  12. Sustainability guidelines and policy enhanced for exhibitors.
  13. Welcome Letter detailing Sustainability tips for engagement placed in all Sustainable Life rooms.
  14. Recycling guide put together for the Hotel Rooms and placed with a recycling bag to encourage self-responsibility – Bags were 100% recycled plastic. 
  15. Sponsored 3 x Organic tea bags per room.
  16. Handwritten quotes in every Hotel room.
  17. Multiple meetings on site to ascertain systems in place to carry out all initiatives.
  18. Management of the systems put in place alongside heads of housekeeping, event team and general manager.
  19. On site signage set up pre event with multiple departments.
  20. Engagement signage in toilets, at coffee stations, water stations and in the restaurant.
  21. On site event management of systems with the venue and changes set in motion accordingly.
  22. Post event review and reporting.
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