Luminate New Zealand 2019

Event Details

Country: NZ
Duration: 7 days
Event Start Date: 30th January 2019
Event End Date: 6th February 2019
Event Type: Festival
Sustainability Policy: Yes and available on website
Infographics: Yes and not available on website
Previous Stats: Yes and not available on website


Below is a list of what our event is doing to make a difference!

  • a clean environment policy that permeates all strands of the festival
  • Luminate is the only festival known throughout NZ to be operating the No Bins No Recycling ‘pack out what
  • You pack in’ strategy and the result is a conscious awareness to rubbish throughout the festival
  • Compost toilets
  • Water sourcing from local spring and tested by Cawthorn Institute accredited by the IANZ

Event Impact Statistics

This data counter collates data from this event and total amounts of the data categories and CO2 emissions savings.
Other Waste
Savings from Solar Power
CO2 Emissions Saved
Compost Toilets
Litres of Water Saved
Shared Transport
Number of 500ml Plastic Bottles Saved

Luminate New Zealand 2019

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