Sustainable Brands London 2014

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Country: Uk
Event Type: Festival
Sustainability Policy: No
Infographics: No
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Below is a list of what our event is doing to make a difference!

Key initiatives for SB London:
1. Waste Management: Recycling bags are provided by Sustainable Brands. chosen for its Green Tourism Gold Award, The Lancaster Hotel has a fully sorted recycling system, reducing and reusing the majority of waste produced throughout the whole hotel.
2. Waste Minimalisation: Supplier, sponsor and exhibitor guidelines in place to reduce waste and ensure waste volumes are as low as possible and dealing with local suppliers to make alternative packaging options reach out farther than just this single event.
3. Water Management: The drinking water at the Hotel is filtered and bottled on site into reusable glass bottles, do your bit by buying water in house not plastic bottles from local stores.
4. Energy Efficiency: Offsetters work with us to offset the carbon footprint of the event but we aim to be a positive impact event, working together towards this goal means high targets can be achieved.
5. Reusables: The gift lounge showcases some new innovative products from our key sponsors, please only take what you need or will give to someone else!
6. Procurement and supply chain: We at Sustainable Brands focus heavily on engaging only suppliers with a sustainability ethos, you doing the same improves your Susty ratings!
7. Paperless Production: using a mobile app called CrowdCompass to rather than printing programmes and speakers info
For more info on the venue’s sustainability and social initiatives click here:

Event Impact Statistics

This data counter collates data from this event and total amounts of the data categories and CO2 emissions savings.
Other Waste
Savings from Solar Power
CO2 Emissions Saved
Compost Toilets
Litres of Water Saved
Shared Transport
Number of 500ml Plastic Bottles Saved

Sustainable Brands London 2014

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