The Bubble 2013

Event Details

Country: Malta
Duration: 3 days
Event Start Date: Friday 7th June 2013
Event End Date: Sunday 8th June 2013
Event Type: Festival
Sustainability Policy: Yes and available on website
Infographics: No
Previous Stats: No


Below is a list of what our event is doing to make a difference!

One of the key aims of the Bubble is to raise awareness about how to be sustainable and responsible for our impact on the planet. The event will be “a leave no trace event”, with all who come to the event encouraged to support this in their actions. All cups and take away cartons will be biodegradable and non toxic, recycling bins will be available on site, all paper (signage, napkins, toilet roll) will be from recycled sources, garbage bags will be biodegradable, and large educational info boards on recycling and waste will be around the site at refuse points. Ideally the event will transition into being a no waste event in coming years.

Showers facilities in the camping area will be equipped with eco friendly natural shampoos and a compost toilet will be set up to ensure all humanure is captured and removed to a compost site to be given back to the soil elsewhere.

Volunteers will be encouraged to join in the pre festival and post festival elements of the above to learn first hand about sutainability and to take away some practical knowl- edge to share with others.

Event Impact Statistics

This data counter collates data from this event and total amounts of the data categories and CO2 emissions savings.
Other Waste
Savings from Solar Power
CO2 Emissions Saved
Compost Toilets
Litres of Water Saved
Shared Transport
Number of 500ml Plastic Bottles Saved

The Bubble 2013

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